Exercise classes in Limerick MYP Coach

At MYP Coaching, Mike Carmody has put together a very brief compilation of what he believes are the 10 best dynamic warm up exercises to do prior to any running or gym session. A full demonstration of all 10 exercises can be found in the accompanying video.


  1. Hip internal-external rotation x 7-8 each side – helps to mobilise your hip joints and all of the surrounding musculature
  2. Seated hamstring stretch x 6 each leg – specifically targets the hamstring muscles, a group of three long muscles (biceps fermoris, semitendinosus, semimembranosus) running from the back of your hips to the back of your knee
  3. Crucifix x 3-4 each side – targets the lower back and obliques, while also helping to mobilise the vertebrae of the lumbar spine
  4. Thoracic spine mobility x 6 each side – targets the muscles of the upper back and helps to mobilise the vertebrae of the thoracic spine
  5. Hip flexor stretch x 6 each leg – stretches the hip flexor and quadriceps muscles, good posture and alignment are both crucial when performing this stretch
  6. Knee rotations x 6-8 each direction – very simple exercise which helps to loosen the knee joint and to spread the synovial fluid evenly throughout the knee capsule, hence providing greater cushioning while exercising
  7. Around the world x 3-4 each direction – excellent all-round stretch. Primary muscles targeted include the abdominals, obliques, lats and hamstrings
  8. Shoulder mobility x 6 each way – helps to loosen the shoulder joints and mobilises all of the muscles within the shoulder region
  9. Inchworm/reach for the stars x 3-5 – great to loosen out the entire posterior chain (back of the body), especially the sciatic nerve
  10. World’s greatest stretch x 2 each side – very difficult stretch to perform and should only be undertaken be experienced fitness enthusiasts. Its distinct advantage is that it helps to stretch almost every muscle in the body


Mike includes a variation of this warm up routine in all of his group exercise classes (be they circuit classes or run sessions), in addition to incorporating it into all of the tailored running and personal training plans which he designs.