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Circuit training is a unique form of total body strength training which combines resistance training with cardiovascular activity, and blends leg, core and upper body exercises. As a whole, it is one of the most appropriate forms of strength & conditioning (S&C) training for both runners and triathletes.


It derives its name from its traditional format, where exercise stations are set out in a circle and participants move from one station to the next to complete one full “circuit”. In general, each circuit session is comprised of between 5-10 exercises.


The primary emphasis of circuit training is to build strength endurance and general conditioning – a process often referred to as anatomical adaptation. This means that low levels of resistance (very often just body weight), are used in combination with a relatively high work:rest ratio (usually around 2:1). A common circuit format is 3 sets, with 30-40 seconds per exercise, 15-20 seconds recovery in between exercises, and a 2-4-minute break at the end of each set.


The primary advantages of circuit training over other forms of S&C training are:

(a) it allows for a number of different muscle groups to be targeted within the same session

(b) it allows for the incorporation of numerous different movement patterns within the same session

(c) it is the most appropriate form of S&C training for beginners

(d) it enables medium and large sized groups to participate in the one session

(e) it provides the widest possible variety, as each session differs from the one which preceded it

(f) it allows the instructor to easily observe the activities of the entire class


Here at MYP Coaching we offer a wide variety of group circuit classes for all levels of fitness enthusiast. These range from online circuit classes to group exercise classes in an indoor and outdoor setting. While all classes are currently either being conducted online or outdoors due to the current restrictions, as soon as these restrictions are lifted, indoor classes will resume within the Limerick area. Stay tuned to the group classes section of the website for further updates.