Our Testimonials

“I first began working with Mike while I was training for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2019. He created a positive impact from day one and has been instrumental in my success. His endless knowledge when it comes to all things training related is next to none. He has created a very open coach–athlete relationship and always dives deep when answering any questions which I have. I believe this is what sets him apart – educating and genuinely caring about each athlete he works with. His attention to detail when it comes to training plans, his infectious work ethic and drive to be better, is something I’ve not come across in other coaches.”

Rachel Farrell (Irish international triathlete) 

“Working with MYP coaching has helped me in becoming a stronger, more resilient athlete. Mike is very knowledgeable about the type of strength work which I need at any point during the cycling season. He works with me to focus on injury prevention, strength building and target specific exercises that translate to bike performance. MYP coaching has been by my side since I entered the world of elite sport and I’m so grateful for Mike’s continued support in helping me to target my goals in 2023”

Fiona Mangan (Irish international cyclist) 

Mike is a running trainer knowledgeable in all areas of sports science. I approached Mike in December 2023, to help me add structure to my training in preparation for the Paris Marathon 2024. The training helped me steadily increase mileage from 35 to 60 miles per week, which I had not been able to do in the past. This improved my performance in all race distances and helped me to get a marathon PB of 2:56, with my previous best time being 3:20. Mike’s training plans are easy to follow, and can be tailored to runners of all abilities.

Ruairi Manning

“During the first covid lockdown, I joined Mike in a couch to 5k through WhatsApp.For someone who had no interest in running I found the routines easy to follow. They were delivered every 2 days so I wasn’t overwhelmed. Mike’s guidance and advice was invaluable, especially in relation to stretching and preparation for a run. I did my first 5k on the August bank holiday 2020, and my first 10k on the October bank holiday 2020.
I got great encouragement from Mike’s Instagram posts. I did the virtual Dublin marathon on the October bank holiday 2021 and I did my first proper marathon in October 2022. Personally, this was a huge achievement which would not have happened without Mike.”
Gerard Neville 

“I have been getting coaching from Mike for just over 2 years. Prior to his coaching my running had plateaued, and I was struggling to get motivated by following the same training plan over and over again. In this time, he has completely transformed my running. He has brought my times for all distances down significantly and most importantly has brought my marathon time down by 14 minutes from 3:12 to 2:58 allowing me to reach a sub-3-hour marathon goal I had dreamed about for a long time. He has kept the training varied throughout the 2 years and has emphasized the importance of strength training for runners, which has made me physically stronger and kept me free from injury. Mike’s knowledge on all things running is evident through the tailored weekly plans he sends on and the answers to any queries I have. Most of all I still really enjoy the training and I’m looking forward to seeing what other goals I can achieve in the future with Mike’s coaching.” Sean O’Leary

“I started working with Mike in December 2023 to help me achieve a sub 3hr marathon in the Paris marathon in April 2024. I successfully ran 2.56 in Paris with the help of Mike’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the demands of all things running related. He answered all my questions to the best of his ability and prepared weekly training plans to gradually increase my fitness towards my goal. I would highly recommend getting coaching from Mike as it takes the guess work out of achieving success.” Declan Mullane

“Mike Carmody is a dedicated, organised, skilled and passionate coach.  I approached Mike over 3 years ago looking to add structure and substance to my existing training.  He has impressed me with his first-hand knowledge of the variety needed to train for, and compete in my endurance events. He has helped me work around my busy lifestyle, injuries and anything else life threw at me to get me back on track.  The 24/7 support, and the phone calls before and after events to plan out my race strategy, have helped me immensely with my performance and self-belief. No matter the question, he will research it and provide me with the answer.  My experience being coached by Mike has been fantastic, he has shown me what I am capable of when I train properly and believe in myself.  I would highly recommend Mike to anyone for all types of sports coaching.” Martina Moloney